dave scanlon

Dave Scanlon writes austere songs and continues a series of "counting" compositions focusing on intonation, numerology, and measurement. He is also a member of the experimental rock band JOBS and the pop group Leverage Models.

Scanlon has released music on Ramp Local, New Amsterdam Records, Tzadik Records, Hometapes, Clean Feed Records, New Atlantis Records, and Whatever's Clever. He has performed at Issue Project Room (NYC), Roulette (NYC), The Stone (NYC), Shinjuku Pit Inn (Tokyo, Japan), Yokohama Airegin (Yokohama, Japan), Boston Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston, MA), Casa Del Popolo (Montreal, Canada), and many more. In March 2013, Scanlon was honored to curate The Stone, a not-for-profit art space run by John Zorn. Scanlon's writings on music have been published in Arcana: Musicians on Music VII. In April 2016, Scanlon and quilter Emma Banay presented their collaborative project, Quilt Music, at Interlude Asheville hosted by the Black Mountain College Museum and the Media Arts Project. Scanlon has performed with Jason Ajemian, David Behrman, Chuck Bettis, Hayashi Eiichi, Alvin Lucier, Jessica Pavone, Pet Bottle Ningen, Yamamoto Seiichi (of The Boredoms), Alena Spanger, Kazuki Tomokawa, Otomo Yoshihide, and numerous others.

Dave Scanlon is a librarian.

"Dissonant synth and bass pulses balance guitarist/vocalist David Scanlon’s playful, scribbled yelps of the song title. Scanlon also adds some dizzying guitar interjections—his playing at one moment explodes with feedback, and the next is sharpened like a knife." -Pitchfork
"Scanlon has managed to create off-center folk tunes that are as uneasy as they are dreamy." -Post-Trash
"With Pink in each, bright blue, bright green, Dave Scanlon has once again crafted an album that contains multitudes." -Popmatters
"each song marked by a meditative simplicity only possible through a deep engagement with one’s own depths" -Various Small Flames